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Property Transfer Expenses

Φορολογία μεταβίβασης ακινήτων

In case you intend to proceed to αγορά κάποιου ακινήτου θα πρέπει να γνωρίζετε πως οι αγοραπωλησίες επιβαρύνονται με έξοδα μεταβίβασης ακινήτου με συγκεκριμένη φορολογία. The relevant regulations are in the law 4223/2013. Taxation is borne by the buyer of the property. The only exception concerns real estate capital gains tax, who charges with 15% the seller. However, in this case the suspension of the measure applies until 31-12-2022.

Property transfer and value added tax

Τα βασικά έξοδα μεταβίβασης ακινήτου που έχει ο υποψήφιος αγοραστής αφορούν δύο φόρους. The first is called property transfer tax (FMA) and is calculated as a percentage 3% on the value of the property. The value added tax (VAT) refers to the classic maximum coefficient 24%, which applies to the majority of goods and services within Greece. It should be noted that in all the above cases the value of the property is taken into account, as stated in the contract of transfer and not the objective value of the property.

Other fees and expenses

The notary's fee is also an anticipated expense on the part of the buyer. The fee concerns the work of transferring the property and drawing up the corresponding contracts. Η συγκεκριμένη αμοιβή ορίζεται αυτή τη φορά αναλογικά ως προς το ύψος της αντικειμενικής αξίας του ακινήτου και όχι του ποσού του συμβολαίου.

More specifically, for purchases and sales up to the amount of 120.000 euro, the percentage of the notary's fee is defined in 0,80% the objective value of the property. In sales involving sale amounts from 120.000 euro up to 380.000 euro, the rate decreases to 0,70%. In the next scale and for purchases and sales with objective value up to 2.000.000 euro the percentage of the notary's fee is set at its levels 0,65%. The rate of pay is reduced even further, staggered, for greater property values. in addition to, the notary must receive about 5 euros for each additional sheet of notarial acts that you may need.

In addition to the notary, you will also have to pay the lawyer's fee, although in this case the service is optional. The lawyer can help you during the preliminary inspection of the property, while actually proceeding with the drawing up and signing of the transfer contract of the property to all the contracting parties. Although the specific service provided is optional, it is really helpful to have a trusted attorney present, as his participation really has the potential to prevent major property and financial losses.

Απαλλαγές από τον φόρο μεταβίβασης ακινήτων για πρώτη κατοικία

In case you are proceeding with the purchase of your first home, θα πρέπει να γνωρίζετε πως απαλλάσσεται από τα έξοδα μεταβίβασης ακινήτου ο φόρος. The amount you earn can be very significant and is proportional to the purchase value of the contract. The basic condition in this case is the buyer, the spouse and their children do not retain any right of full ownership or usufruct or occupancy in any other residence. This exemption provides for three cases:

Την αγορά κατοικίας από άγαμο ενήλικο για συμβόλαιο αγοράς ακινήτου έως το ποσό των 200.000 euro. In case of disability in percentage 67% and above or mental retardation, the specific amount can reach up to 350.000 euro.

– The purchase of a residence by a married person for a financial transaction value of up to 250.000 euro. In this particular case and if there is again some disability or mental retardation, the amount may be increased, up to 275.000 euro. At the same time, an increase in the amount of 25.000 euros for each of the couple's first two children and 30.000 euros for each of the following children.

– The purchase of a plot worth up to 50.000 euros from a single person.

Την αγορά οικοπέδου αξίας έως 100.000 euros from a married person with an increase 10.000 euros for each of the first two children and more 15.000 euro increase of the amount from the third and subsequent children of the couple.

Finally, it is useful to note that the beneficiaries of this exemption must be permanent residents in Greece, however, those who intend to settle in the country within two years of completing the purchase of the property are also included in the regulation. Υπάρχουν παράλληλα ειδικές ρυθμίσεις οι οποίες αφορούν τους ομογενείς από την Τουρκία, από την Αλβανία και από χώρες της πρώην Σοβιετικής Ένωσης, as long as they have the special expatriate identity card. Special regulations also apply to refugees.

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